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Mushroom Packing work requires people who will prepare products for dispatch to customers but who will also undertake quality checking, weighing, important due diligence work and paperwork.

front of line packer

Working in a modern packhouse with an automated packing line, it is the job of Mushroom Packers to weigh, quality check, wrap and label produce ready for dispatch. There are various roles within the small team of 8 people. Front of line duties include quality checking, weighing and feeding the packing line. End of line packers need to be able to load the machines with films and labels and also undertake some important due diligence work.

end of line packers

Porters will palletise and wrap products and move packaging and equipment between the packing room and the growing rooms. Quality control is important in every packing role and so responsible people are chosen to undertake this work. Duties have been made easier by the recent introduction of new hand held scanners which capture data in real time.

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