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LEAF is committed to a viable agriculture which is environmentally and socially acceptable and ensures the continuity of supply of wholesome, affordable food while conserving and enhancing the fabric and wildlife of the countryside for future generations. Fiddleford Mushrooms was awarded the LEAF Marque in March 2007. This means that Fiddleford Mushrooms combines the best of traditional farming methods with modern technology and operates using the highest standards of food production with the minimum environmental impact. Fiddleford Mushrooms farms in an informed, professional, caring way that minimises environmental risks while conserving, enhancing and recreating that which is of environmental importance.

Assured Produce

Assured Produce Scheme

The objective of the Assured Produce Scheme is to address the concerns and needs of consumers, retailers, processors and growers for safe food of good quality at affordable prices. Fiddleford Mushrooms has achieved 100% (no non-conformances) when audited against the Assured Produce Standard for the last three years. Operations are systematically audited to ensure that an integrated crop management system is in place and that it offers a sustainable, responsible and profitable approach to horticulture.

Tesco Nature’s Choice

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As a Tesco supplier for over 11 years, Fiddleford Mushrooms has achieved a Gold Standard under the company’s Nature’s Choice Standard. The farm is audited annually against stringent standards for rational use of plant protection products, pollution prevention, protection of human health, use of energy, water and other natural resources, recycling and re-use of material and wildlife and landscape conservation and enhancement.

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