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Fiddleford Mushrooms Oscars Awards

In January 2012, the Management at Fiddleford Mushrooms took time out to recognise outstanding achievements by employees from each department at their farm at Banbury Cross. Awards were made for significant contributions to farm productivity, product quality improvements and personal development throughout the previous year. 
Fiddleford Mushrooms Oscar Awards

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Our Company Values

      Trust - A safe, open and enjoyable place to
work, in which trust, integrity and
professionalism prevail.
      Efficiency - Strong and effective teams,
highly competitive in the
      Quality - Honouring commitments – never
let a colleague or customer down.
      Expertise - We will be the experts in our field
and never stop learning.
‘     'Can-Do’ - Providing unique and innovative
solutions, continually re-inventing
and adapting.

Employment opportunities
We often have positions available for staff in the following positions:
Mushroom Pickers
Mushroom Packers
Production Workers

If this is of interest to you, please look at the descriptions of the various job roles.
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