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Fiddleford Mushrooms Oscars Awards
In January 2012, the Management at Fiddleford Mushrooms took time out to recognise outstanding achievements by employees from each department at their farm at Banbury Cross. Awards were made for significant contributions to farm productivity, product quality improvements and personal development throughout the previous year. 
Fiddleford Mushrooms Oscar Awards
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Local Mushrooms Success
Since first going on sale in September 2007, the Dorset Mushrooms Range for Tesco, has doubled the number of customers who choose to purchase mushrooms in Tesco's stores in Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. The success of this range has delighted Tesco who, in turn, have given Fiddleford Mushrooms a Values Award.
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Fiddleford Mushrooms turns twenty this year!
In August 2008 Fiddleford Mushrooms celebrated its 20th Birthday with a party for staff, suppliers and friends of the business.
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Grower of the year awards
Fiddleford Mushrooms was runner up in the ‘Vegetable Grower of the Year’ category at The Grower of the Year Awards in 2008.
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