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Fiddleford Mushrooms Oscars Awards

In January 2012, the Management at Fiddleford Mushrooms took time out to recognise outstanding achievements by employees from each department at their farm at Banbury Cross. Awards were made for significant contributions to farm productivity, product quality improvements and personal development throughout the previous year. 
Fiddleford Mushrooms Oscar Awards

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Grower of the year award
Grower of the Year 2008 logo
Fiddleford Mushrooms was runner up in the Vegetable Grower of the Year category at The Grower of the Year Awards in 2008. The farm was short-listed because of its all round excellence in growing, marketing, systems, produce and people.

About Fiddleford Mushrooms

Fiddleford Mushrooms, located in the heart of the Blackmore Vale, is widely recognised as one of Britain’s leading growers of fresh, high quality mushrooms. Established in 1988, the farm has grown into a thriving, modern business that is successfully supplying the country’s leading food retailers. This success has been built on strong foundations of quality, service and a commitment to excellence.

high quality mushrooms

Fiddleford is located at the gateway to the South-West of England, a region traditionally associated with the production of fresh, wholesome food. Mushrooms grown at Fiddleford are cultivated in energy efficient, environmentally controlled growing rooms and are free from pesticides. Sustainability is central to company success and so raw materials, energy use and natural resources are all scrutinised and subjected to stringent controls.

Mushroom growing itself is a virtuous cycle whereby waste products from the agricultural industry are combined to produce mushroom compost, which after growing a crop of healthy food, is then incorporated back into the land. Fiddleford Mushrooms is a natural choice for quality, wholesome food, which is produced using sustainable farming methods. Mushrooms produced at Fiddleford are good for you and good for your world.

local point of sale poster
Point of sale poster as used in a local supermarket promotion

See our mushrooms grow!

Mushrooms can more than double in size over a 24 hour period. In this Quicktime movie you can watch them grow over 72 hours. Need Quicktime player?

timelapse movie

Mushroom recipes
mushroom recipes
Delicious fresh mushrooms can be the centre piece of any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner – or a snack any time of day. See our recipe section >

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